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Modal testing-detail

Modal Testing at Jaguar

Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility.

Boeing 737 Rollfeld

Modal Testing on Orion

Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle.


In this niche market of 'Vibration'and Environmental Testing in general there are limited specialist training options, to provide a focus we will list the options here. This is extremely important as there are a great number of engineers who drift into the world of environmental testing and never get suitable guidance and training.

Training Suppliers / Courses


NDO Consultants Ltd
Contact Name: Neill Ovenden- Contact email: info@ndotraining.com

NDO Consultants provide a range of Vibration Shaker Testing, Modal Analysis, Signal Processing and Climatic/Environmental Testing technical training seminars. These seminars are held twice a year in the Midlands and offer both an Introductory and Advanced level. All subjects are also covered in bespoke training sessions available from a half day onsite upwards. Costs for our bespoke training range from £300 for half day upwards.
Our Latest course details can be seen below.

Vibration, Modal & Engineering Training