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Modal testing-detail

Modal Testing at Jaguar

Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility.

Boeing 737 Rollfeld

Modal Testing on Orion

Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle.

Test Services

This section covers a range of test services, from Contract Test Facilities, Consultants and Test & Measurement Services.

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Test Services, Consultants and Facilities

Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) - Supporting Vibration-test.co.uk as an Advisory Service

Building C3.1, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 4PR
Tel (01189) 827810 Fax (01189) 827735
Contact Name: Brian Tyler Contact email: brian.tyler@awe.co.uk

The Atomic Weapons Establishment is one of the UK's leading test and development facilities and boasts a huge knowledge and experience base amongst its engineering staff. This experience is put to good use through their Environmental Test Manager, Brian Tyler, as they are heavily involved with the development of British and International test standards. This is an activity that has unfortunately seen a decline in support over the last few years and Brian is always on the look out for people who are prepared to give some of their time and experience to ensure the standards are kept up to date and relevant. If this is something you feel you would like to be involved with please contact Brian.
Supporting Vibration-Test.co.uk

Leonardo M W Ltd

2 Crewe Road North, Edinburgh, EH5 2XS
Tel: (0131) 343 4242 Fax: (0131) 343 5420
Contact email: chris.marshall@leonardocompany.com


Environmental Engineering Centre of Excellence
Based in Edinburgh, the Leonardo Company Environmental Engineering Centre of Excellence is a UKAS accredited test house offering world-class facilities, solutions and experienced professionals delivering a comprehensive range of environmental testing capabilities to support both military and commercial customers. Our established facility has been operating for over 40 years delivering unparalleled levels of service to a wide range of customers.
In addition to performing tests, we can offer advice to help create an appropriate environmental test programme for equipment and to help design equipment to survive its operating environment.
We have the capability to handle a wide range of products from individual electronic components to large systems. We support research and development programmes, design and verification testing, qualification programmes, environmental stress screening, and reliability growth testing.
We offer a flexible service 12 hours a day, seven days a week service.

TRaC Environmental & Analysis Limited

Rothwell Road, Warwick, CV34 5JX
Tel: 01926 478478
Contact Name: Chris Stone

Environmental Test Ltd.

19 Dorset Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3BP
Tel 01722 506598
Contact Name: Robert Kidd