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Modal testing-detail

Modal Testing at Jaguar

Modal Analysis on a car door at Jaguar's test facility.

Boeing 737 Rollfeld

Modal Testing on Orion

Modal testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre on the Orion Ground Test Vehicle.

PCB Piezotronics Ltdpcb

7 Paynes Park, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1EH
Tel 01462 429710 Fax 01462 429712
Contact Name: Graham Turgoose Contact email: ukinfo@pcb.com

PCB Piezotronics offers a full line of sensors and instrumentation for industrial process monitoring, predictive maintenance, and machinery and equipment protection. IMI Sensors offers high temperature, high frequency, and low-cost versions of its industrial ICP® and charge output accelerometers with shear mode design and small footprint packaging.
The extensive range also includes 4-20 mA vibration transmitters for route based measurements, permanent installations and affordable 24/7 continuous on-line monitoring, together with a comprehensive selection of vibration switches for alarm and shutdown protection of critical machinery, including the patented Bearing Fault Detector, unique two-wire Smart vibration switch, and Reciprocating Machinery Protector.
The backbone of the company is its mission statement: Total Customer Satisfaction. This mission is not only supported by products that offer great value for money, but also by an unconditional warranty. See www.pcb.com for the PCB Piezotronics No Risk Policy statement.